Carla on Access and Opportunity Podcast

In this final episode of season 1 of "Access and Opportunity" podcast, Carla Harris and Dr. Freada Kapor Klein debunk the myth that Silicon Valley is a place of inclusion. They dive straight into the argument against excuses for lack of diversity in the ecosystem and...

Carla gives opening remarks at Demo Day

Carla Harris speaks at Demo Day, an event showcasing participants from Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab. "Given our footprint, the network of our clients, there’s really nobody that we could not connect these entrepreneurs with. Not only do we have...

Carla on Accessing Capital and Activating Financial Opportunities

JACKSONVILLE — Carla recently spoke at PS27 Ventures event and shared lessons learned from Morgan Stanley's minority-focused accelerator. She spoke about how Jacksonville startups can access capital for their businesses — and specifically gave insight into how...

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