Carla on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”

Carla dropped by "Squawk Box" to talk about the 4th year of Morgan Stanley's Senior Multicultural Leaders Conference. Watch the clip here: Morgan Stanley's Carla Harris discusses the company's senior multicultural leaders conference from CNBC.

#CarlasPearls on NBCDFW

Carla stopped by at NBC5 in Dallas for some #MondayMotivation with Laura A. Harris and to share #CarlasPearls. Catch the full segment below:  

Carla on Changing the Game for Female Entrepreneurs

Carla was interviewed by Goop to talk about how Morgan Stanley's Multicultural Innovation Lab is breaking down barriers for women and minority entrepreneurs. Read an excerpt below and head over to for the full article and interview: First, the good news:...

Carla on Fox Business: An Entrepreneur’s Biggest Challenge

Carla appeared on Fox Business to talk Morgan Stanley's multicultural innovation lab, the challenges facing today's entrepreneur, and deliver career advice to younger generations. Watch some clips below and head to for more: Morgan Stanley’s Carla...

Carla on why Morgan Stanley invests in women and people of color

"Because they were overlooked for so long, companies founded by women and people of color represent one of the biggest investment opportunities of our time. They are coming up with ideas that "traditional" founders don't see, reaching untapped, growing markets, and...

Carla on Access and Opportunity Podcast

In this final episode of season 1 of "Access and Opportunity" podcast, Carla Harris and Dr. Freada Kapor Klein debunk the myth that Silicon Valley is a place of inclusion. They dive straight into the argument against excuses for lack of diversity in the ecosystem and...

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