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  • Wow! What an incredibly talented, inspiring human ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carla Harris I truly enjoyed your presentation and "8 Pearls" at the ACCE19 conference. Thank you for your willingness to share your wisdom and leadership so candidly with us.🥰

  • Esta muito linda nesta foto do teu pefil

  • "There is not a supply issue" Carla appeared on CNBC's The Exchange yesterday to talk about "The Trillion Dollar Blindspot"

  • Carla dropped by “Squawk Box” to talk about the 4th year of Morgan Stanley’s Senior Multicultural Leaders Conference. Watch the clip here:

  • Hey Carla this is Barbara I hope all is well I been kinda following you a bit and watching CNN I think that you are doing a moralist job.

  • I enjoyed you so much at the Leadcast!

  • Hello I just heard you in hagerstown md. On leadercast live.i loved it.😇😍

  • Just saw you on Leadercast. Thank you for inspiring me to want to be a leader.

  • Just listened to your speech on leader cast from Albany Ga AWESOME!!!!

  • May God bless you as you blessed me during the Leadercast today. Awesome Woman of God & Leadership. Bless you.

  • Amazing at Leadercast!!! How do we get you on the schedule to speak at our organization?

  • Carla stopped by Bloomberg this morning to talk about Morgan Stanley's Multicultural Innovation Lab. Watch the full clip here:

  • Gen Z = “Z”ers. I like it! ‘Just saw you on Bloomberg!

  • Hello Carla, If you are in Atlanta soon, please reach out. I am Co-chair of the Women’s International Networking (WIN). We enjoyed watching your Ted Talk. You are inspiring.

  • #CarlasPearls at Fast Company: #StrategizeToWin with performance and relationship currency

  • #CarlasPearls on NBCDFW yesterday with Laura A. Harris. Watch the full clip:

  • Amazing woman for all generation. Thank you so much for "How to Succeed".

  • Good day, are you the Business Executive speaker? I would like you to be my mentor?

  • Fast Company follows up with 7 women on finding the sponsors that changed their careers #StrategizeToWin

  • “We do have a responsibility to lend whatever we have toward moving the needle and more importantly bringing others on board with us.” -Carla Harris

  • Catch more #CarlasPearls in Carla’s keynote at the fourth annual Leadership Luncheon hosted by the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute:

  • Who is going to speak for you? #CarlasPearls

  • Hi Carla, Please inbox me back. I have a urgent matter I’m hoping to speak to you about.

  • Good Morning, I recently attended the Women of Florida’s Conference and wanted to say thank you for impacting me. You changed my life perspective about fear. Attached is a link with an article about one of the things you taught me. You are truly and inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️

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