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  • Amazing woman for all generation. Thank you so much for "How to Succeed".

  • Good day, are you the Business Executive speaker? I would like you to be my mentor?

  • Fast Company follows up with 7 women on finding the sponsors that changed their careers #StrategizeToWin

  • “We do have a responsibility to lend whatever we have toward moving the needle and more importantly bringing others on board with us.” -Carla Harris

  • Catch more #CarlasPearls in Carla’s keynote at the fourth annual Leadership Luncheon hosted by the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute:

  • Who is going to speak for you? #CarlasPearls

  • Hi Carla, Please inbox me back. I have a urgent matter I’m hoping to speak to you about.

  • Good Morning, I recently attended the Women of Florida’s Conference and wanted to say thank you for impacting me. You changed my life perspective about fear. Attached is a link with an article about one of the things you taught me. You are truly and inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️

  • #CarlasPearls at TEDWomen 2018

  • Morgan Stanley Calls Out Investor Bias Against Women, Minorities:

  • Just saw you on CNBC - your eloquence and insight were stunning. Shocked I’ve never heard of you before today. After 45 years with a large real estate developer, I encountered many execs. You have gained another fan.

  • Carla talks Morgan Stanley's Multicultural Innovation Lab and changing the game for female entrepreneurs in this interview with Goop:

  • Carla appeared on Bloomberg yesterday to share news about the Multicultural Innovation Lab's first Demo Day.

  • #CarlasPearls on Fox Business: An Entrepreneur’s Biggest Challenge

  • Watch Carla tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST on Deidre Bolton’s Women and Money on Fox Business Channel! #CarlasPearls

  • Good morning. I just read the LinkedIn article on how to shape other's perception about you when you're not in the room. Great tips. Thank you.

  • I just love your inspiration

  • Blessed evening ma'am Am blessed by ur teachings on Characteristics of a Leader in GLS Nigeria. God bless u more ma.

  • I was so inspired by you this morning at NAHQ Next. Thank you so much.

  • Just heard Carla speak at NAHQ’s Next Annual Conference, and am so thankful to have heard her Pearl’s of Wisdom. She is an amazing person and fantastic motivational speaker!

  • #CarlasPearls in Forbes today: "To invest in a woman or a multicultural entrepreneur is an outstanding opportunity"

  • Thank you Carla for being such an inspiration to so many people. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. You have encouraged us all to be better people. For this, I have shared your video with thousands of my followers. In solidarity, William J. Booker. Please join us @

  • Carla, you are my fairy professional mom😁 I love your content and boldness. I vow from this day forward to be my most authentic self without apologies and ask for what I want.

  • I was in NY last weekend staying at the Crowne Plaza Times Square. I was SO thrilled when I looked out the window and saw home town on the Morgan Stanley Building.

  • “I’m negatively motivated. And when you tell me I can’t do something, I’m all over it.” #CarlasPearls #HowIGotHere

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