Staying focused for the rest of the year.

This is often the time of the year, where the fatigue of the year is bearing down, the work politics are smothering you, and the heightened expectations that come with the holidays are overwhelming you and you are tempted to give up on whatever professional goals that you have set and coast till the end of the year, settling for the “fact that you just won’t get it done”. You are just not motivated to push it through.

If you want to end the year with a bang and have momentum going into 2010 here’s what you do.

1) Go back to your agenda and find 2 things that you wanted to do and haven’t gotten done yet. In addition, identify 2 people that you wanted to build a better relationship with, but haven’t had a chance to do so. Decide what it would take to achieve or start the two items in the next two days. Design what you could accomplish between now and December 21st. Schedule it out and commit to do each of the things each day as a part of your to do list.

With respect to the people, send an email today, wishing them a happy holiday season, and asking if you could stop by for a 15 min cup of coffee before the holidays are in full swing. If they say yes, go to the meeting, with a 3 bullet point agenda and some non professional chatter. Stick to the 15 min for everyone is short on time during the holidays, but leave with the stated intention of setting up another conversation for Late January, early February..

2) The second trick for getting motivated in these last few days of the year, ask yourself when you walk into your office or on the way to work, “what does success look like for me today? What has to happen today for me to say, ‘Wow, this was a great, kick butt day!’, How can I knock the cover off of the ball and the ball out of the park today” Define what success looks like for you TODAY, just TODAY, and then execute it. You will be amazed at how motivated you feel to get just THAT done today and how accomplished you will feel at the end of your day.