Happy Independence Day and welcome to the beginning of the THIRD  quarter of this year!

Yes, 2010 seems to be going faster than 2009. It’s time, if you haven’t already done it to take inventory of where you are in this year’s professional goals.

If you did not do the following in June, at the end of the second quarter, commit to the following in the next 10 days:

-Review your professional agenda:

  • Have you completed the projects you started to work on?
  • Have you had the experiences that you wanted to have, been exposed to the key people that you wanted to get exposed to?
  • Have you had at least 3-4 conversations with your mentor?
  • Have you had at least 2-3 conversations with your sponsor?
  • Have you chosen a sponsor, if you realized at the end of 2009 that you did not have one or your sponsor had recently left your firm?
  • Are you clear on what it takes to get promoted this year if that was your aspiration/objective as we started 2010
  • Have you compared your report card and your understanding of what it takes to get promoted with your firm’s report card?
  • Have you had a mid-year evaluation or conversation where you reiterate your expectations about how this year should develop?
  • If you are behind on your projects at work, commit to overtime or early  morning time this week to catch up. Do not let July 15th catch you still way behind.

It’s the 3rd quarter, time to get it in gear , so that this year will END as YOU intend!