Law of the Jungle: Know that YOU ARE COMPETITIVE

As some of you know, I had the awesome opportunity to visit South Africa recently and to go on safari.If you have never done it, I highly recommend a safari experience if you have a chance to do it. In preparation for our first “ride” the ranger gave us a briefing of the do’s and don’ts while out in the bush with the animals.

One of the things that he said was, “Remember that the lions, and the other animals, but the lions in particular, see you as competition. Man is the highest form of predator and they see you as competitive. If you come upon a lion or another animal, look them in the eye to establish your authority, your position as a worthy competitor, and then slowly start to back away, until the animal backs down or loses interest and also begins to walk away.”
As he finished the “briefing”, I had the epiphany that the REAL jungle probably did influence the creation
of the term the “corporate jungle” and that the rules are perhaps quite similar, if not the same. In fact
this rule, of standing your ground, looking the competition in the eye, is essential to your success in the
work environment. What is even more important than the competition seeing you as competitive is
that you see YOURSELF as competitive. How often is it that you discount yourself, your competitiveness,
your ability, your intelligence? You have to know that you know, that you know, that you did not get to
where you are by accident. You have a track record of accomplishments and “firsts”. Sure you may have
made mistakes or had disappointments or setbacks, but the important question is “did you learn from
it?” Did you get the blessing of the lesson? If the answer is yes, add it to your tool chest, and then move
on triumphantly and confidently. You should be confident in your track record, your intelligence, your
ability to work hard, to learn quickly, and to produce results. See YOURSELF as competitive, and if you
have a legitimate weakness or something that you need to improve, own it and resolve to fix or improve

You should never discount yourself and thereby create a competitive advantage for someone else.
If you are not competitive, or are not seen as competitive, then in the jungle where there is only
competition and prey, then you must be……

Own and underscore your strengths, use them aggressively. Since you are seen as competitive in the
jungle, BE COMPETITIVE and maximize your success!