L-E-A-D-E-R: Are you a great authentic leader?

Last week, we discussed Leverage, in this week’s quick thought, I would like to introduce EFFICIENCY

E is for Efficiency

Great leaders are efficient. They create processes, strategies and directions that are clear for their team to understand and they articulate target outcomes that are transparent and discernable.  There is a common understanding of what success looks like for the team and each individual is clear on what it takes for them to achieve outstanding performance.

A great leader understands that if their team is not clear on what success looks like individually and collectively, then in the worst case scenario you will get sub-par performance from your team and in the best case scenario, you get an outcome that produces a result, but that does not maximize your team’s productivity and is not the optimal outcome. Each member of a great leader’s team should know exactly “what they are playing for every day”.  If a professional is clear on “what they are playing for everyday”, then they will stay focused, committed, and motivated to produce excellence every day and not be easily distracted by internal politics or other exogenous factors, like the broader economy, unemployment, etc.  Great leaders make it easy for their team members to focus on a job well done, because they make sure that the team is not working in a vaccum or is working hard, hoping for an outcome that will be deemed to be good by the boss. Instead, they set very clear goals, timelines, expectations, and desired outcomes, so that the team is moving together towards the same outcome and individually each team member is striving to outperform.