The American Banker released “the ninth annual list. Plus The 25 Women to Watch, The 25 Most Powerful Women in Non-bank Finance, and reports on the women who are changing the face of the industry.”

And, once, again Carla Harris was selected. Harris has continued to prove her worth as a leader in the finance sector, while working  tirelessly in the community.

Congrats, Carla!!


17. Carla Harris
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

If you don’t know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, you probably don’t know Carla Harris. A renowned speaker on career development, she has counseled countless finance professionals on the road to success. And she knows that of which she speaks. A veteran of Morgan Stanley’s M&A and equity syndicate departments, Harris was plucked in late 2009 to run the emerging manager platform at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. The initiative is intended to advise and nurture women- and minority-owned, long-only asset managers.

“If you have an agenda for your career, it will keep you from making emotional decisions about your career and it will also guide you with respect to the timing of making career moves or changes. Without one, you will be easily distracted by the external economic environment or the internal political environment around you.”