Happy New Year: Say Goodbye to Your History and Step into Your Destiny

What a year 2011 was with all of its lessons and experiences! It was indeed a rich year of lessons learned and a year with a testimony of endurance.

If you are reading this blog, then pat yourself on the back, you endured, you persevered, you walked right into a new year, upright, smarter, more experienced, and more equipped to handle challenges and triumph!!! 

As you start this New Year, own all of your history and embrace your destiny. Review the goals that you set for last year and assess the ones that you made, but more importantly, the ones that you did not. Determine, whether there were real obstacles or reasons that you did not reach those goals, or if you let fear, doubt or lack of energy deter you. If any of the latter were reasons, then resolve TODAY, that they will not impede your progress this year. Mistakes that you made were lessons learned and own them that way. Make sure that you acknowledge and understand the lesson that you obtained from the experience because if you don’t pass the test, you will repeat the class in life, your personal life and your professional life. Many times we go through certain experiences because we are supposed to learn something from the experience and if we don’t learn it, we will keep repeating the experience, for sure.I believe that 2012 can be a year where you not only reach important goals, but that you can get on the road or maintain your speed on the road to maximizing your success. Remember that your professional success is in your hands, so you should treat it as if it is of real value. It should not be left up to chance. Plan your strategy, make a list of all of the important people that you want to add to your network and the relationships that you want to strengthen. Make sure that you have touched base with each of these people, in person, by phone, e-mail, or letter by February 15th of this year. Have a plan by March 15th of how many times you will interact with or touch these relationships throughout this year. Make sure that you have sat down with your manager by February 28th to review, reassess and retest your plan of execution, development and promotion for 2012. Without a planned, strategic calendar, you will miss important steps along the way of achieving your goals and then look up and find yourself in June, which only leaves you with a quarter and a half to complete 2012’s professional strategy.I have heard loud and clear from many of you that you want to hear more Expect To Win advice this year and I will COMMIT to incorporate perspectives that will answer 1-3 queries every week in the Expect to Win blog. Look forward to a PRODUCTIVE, TRIUMPHANT 2012!!!
Expect to Win and YOU WILL!!!!