Your Outlook Influences Your Outcome

Recently, my friend MC and I were having a conversation at the United Nations and she recounted to me that someone whom she admires had recently reminded her that “your outlook influences your outcome” and I said to her, “I could not agree more and I am going to share that thought and expand my views on the statement with my readers.

There is no question, that what you have as your vision will directly impact your reality. As I like to say, “If you call it, you bring it”, which underscores the power of words to influence our actions and what happens around us.  If you do not fully believe that you can achieve the vision that you want for yourself, then you are likely to SAY something negative that will cause you to DO something to the contrary or BEHAVE in a way that will create a negative outcome for you. For example, if you really want a promotion, but you can’t believe that it will happen or you can’t really see yourself in that role, then you are likely to DO something that will sabotage your ability to get the role. Perhaps, you will SAY to someone that “you don’t think you will be chosen for the promotion, because there are so many other qualified candidates”, and unfortunately you say this to a person, who is trying to discern between the candidates! Perhaps,  you will be less assertive than you would normally because you don’t really believe that it will matter in the end and you don’t go the extra mile with that extra piece of analysis, or articulate the new or out of the box idea in the meeting that could put you above the other candidates. Perhaps, you will not foster and develop the relationships that could be instrumental in getting the role because again, you don’t think that these relationships will really count. Thinking and speaking negatively, will absolutely influence your behavior and your performance and will generally contribute to an outcome that is contrary to what you really think that you want.

The really tricky piece of the outlook (vision) and outcome connection is that so often our vision is influenced by what we can physically see, rather than be influenced by the confidence that this vision could be a reality. If you really want the outcome to be in your favor, you must have a positive, fact-filled and faith-filled vision that it can happen. You must look at the positives of your performance, skills and relationships as the facts that should help you get the job, assignment, or new project that you want. Those are the tangibles that you can see. Then you must envision how those facts can positively influence your ability to be successful in the new role. Your vision, should allow you to see yourself in the new role, leveraging the aforementioned skills, performance and relationships. Keep that vision as that predominant picture that you “see” going forward. Start to behave in the way you would behave if you had the new role with asserting your ideas, executing assignments that are above and beyond, or if you are interviewing for a job, assert your ideas about the new position, make the interviewer believe that you are ready to hit the ground running. See yourself with the success, talk about it, live it, and your outlook will migrate to your outcome!