The Jacksonville Business Journal has this article, detailing Carla’s new role as chair of the National Women’s Business Council.  It also includes pearls of wisdom from Carla, that she shared with the Business Journal.

From the article:

“After 26 years, I’ve seen a lot, with respect to business models and good business practices,” Harris said.

One of the keys to success for anyone in business, Harris said, is managing your professional image.

“How people perceive you will directly impact how they deal with you,” she said. “Understand that you can train people to think about you in the way you want them to think.

“In a corporate environment, that’s by understanding the adjectives associated with the success of the chair you’re sitting in or the chair you want to sit in.”

But entrepreneurs, she said, have to take that one step further, as they have the freedom — and responsibility — to define their own terms of success. What Harris calls “the chaotic environment” of the last few years, fueled by the recession, have created an environment in which women entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive.

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