medtronicFollowing her Memphis appearance before Medtronic employees, The Memphis Daily News quotes Carla Ann Harris in their article “Breaking Through: Women working hard to break through glass ceiling locally, nationally.”

Read an excerpt from the article below, and head over the Memphis Daily News for the full article.

“It speaks volumes that, ‘I can, too,’” said Carla Harris, who was recently appointed by President Barack Obama as chairwoman of the National Women’s Business Council, and who was in Memphis earlier this month to speak to employees at Medtronic Inc.

“There are some amazing young women that are in the pipeline, in high school and college and graduate school right now. And there is nothing more motivating than seeing someone who looks like you in a senior position,” said Harris, who also is vice chairwoman of global wealth management, managing director and senior client adviser at Morgan Stanley.

“You only have one African-American woman who is CEO of a Fortune 500 company and that’s Ursula Burns (Xerox Corp.),” Harris continued. “But again, this is just exponentially motivating and it says loudly that it can be done.”