carla-ann-harrisCarla Ann Harris recently appeared on The Daily Ticker, speaking on the importance of mentor relationships and her optimism in regards to women in key management positions.

Head over to The Daily Ticker to watch the interview, and read on for an excerpt from the article:

Carla Harris, a 25-year veteran of Wall Street and chair of the National Women’s Business Council, says she is optimistic that women will continue to ascend to the highest levels of management at Fortune 500 companies. Women have to realize that their level of success depends on many factors, the most important being the relationships developed in the early stages of one’s career, she explains.

“You can’t do it alone on your hard work ethic, experience and intellect,” she tells The Daily Ticker.

Harris outlines 10 strategies for thriving in the workplace in her book Expect to Win.

Harris acknowledges that she did not understand the importance of relationships when she began working on the Street. Now, she urges young women to form connections with sponsors — individuals who will “spend capital on you behind closed doors.” Women should also seek out male sponsors as they develop and grow in their professional lives.

“There was absolutely no question that I needed a sponsor along the way to get to every promotion level,” Harris says. “Make sure you’re investing in relationships, not just the performance.”