In this recent article from’s “Out of The Office” blog, Carla encourages entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to boldly join the charge of a new generation of entrepreneurs, while using the “Seasoned Girls” network to their benefit. Read an excerpt from the article below and visit to read the full article.

Last week I had the privilege of attending Fortune Magazine’s annual Most Powerful Women Summit, and it was no doubt a reminder of the innovative contributions women have made in the world of business. It is always an incredible and powerful — pun intended — event full of accomplished keynote speakers, interviews and discussion. I met many inspiring women who broke down barriers, both in starting their own businesses and working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

There were countless examples of success stories, including Debbie Sterling, a San Francisco-based engineer who founded the company GoldieBlox. Frustrated by the lack of women in the tech industry and the lack of encouragement girls receive to enter the STEM fields, Sterling invented a set of toys marketed to girls to introduce them to engineering and teach them to problem solve.

Sterling’s story is nothing short of inspiring: She saw a problem, came up with an innovative and fun solution and was able to raise interest and investment (starting with crowdfunding) to build and sell her product. And it’s working; they even ran an ad for GoldieBlox during the Super Bowl.

Her success is illustrative of a fundamental shift in the demographics of business ownership with women leading the charge in innovation and entrepreneurship, both through launching small businesses and growing and scaling their companies.