What a year this has been! If you are like me, you feel that 2014 has passed like a bionic meteor! A lot has happened, almost too much to absorb, understand, celebrate or mourn properly. For the last 3 weeks of this year, the word “intentional” has been on my mind. For 2015, I would like to challenge you, as I am challenging myself to be INTENTIONAL about everything that you do.

Be INTENTIONAL about your professional success. Think about what needs to happen this year in order for you to feel that this time next year, that 2015 was a roaring and terrific year. Is it changing jobs? Is it a promotion? Is it having better professional relationships? Is it a specific certification? Is it learning a certain skill? Write down 3 things that if they happened you will feel that you have been successful. Now write down, what you can do to make it happen. Next, put it on a calendar…what will you do towards those 3 goals by the end of January? By the end of March? By June, you should have accomplished most, if not all of your goals.

Be INTENTIONAL about your relationships. Pick 3 people that you want to spend more time with and pick 3 people that you know, but want to get to know better. On each week of your calendar between now and the end of February commit to having at least 1 interaction with each of these 6 people and then do it again in March and April. By the beginning of May, you will have a clear idea of who you can invest more time with in the remaining part of the year to build really meaningful relationships.

We are living at such a fast pace that it is easy to have life happen to you instead of making life happen. Too often we are in a moment, yet not present in that moment. Make it your business in 2015, to be INTENTIONAL about everything that you do, everywhere that you go, every person that you interact with, and every moment that you spend just being. BE INTENTIONAL WITH YOUR LIFE AND WITH MAXIMIZING ITS SUCCESS!!! It is all a part of STRATEGIZING TO WIN!!!!