Business Insider recently asked Carla what one trait does she look for in new hires. Read her answer below and head over to Business Insider for the full article:

“I like to call it the ‘Hustle Gene,'” Harris told Business Insider.

To gauge whether candidates have that “gene,” Harris wants to know:

  • How far will they go above and beyond the job description?
  • Do they have initiative?
  • Do they follow through?
  • Do they understand the importance of relationships? Do they deal with people in a way that people want to deal with them?”
  • Of course, there are analytical and quantitative skills that are crucial to work in finance, Harris said. But she’s particularly interested in candidates’ ability to build strong relationships in addition to everything else.

“At the end of the day, if you’re one of those folk that people don’t want to work with, I don’t care how successful you are, at some point it will get muted,” she said.