Helen Drinan- President of Simmons College shared wisdom to the Huffington Post from speakers for the upcoming sold out conference in Boston, March 29th.

Carla, along with Ping Fu, Beth Phalen, Edie Weiner, and others will be speaking at the 2016 Simmons Women’s Leadership Conference which is considered the preeminent gathering for women’s leadership in the country.

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#2: Your Voice is Powerful – Use It!

Carla Harris
Vice chairman of Global Wealth Management and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley.

On the female leader she most admires:
Carla Harris: Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan. Both were unafraid to use their voices and extraordinary oratorical skills to get people to listen and to thereby provoke change with their arguments, delivery and compelling logic. They understood that there is power in your voice and that it should never be submerged, for when you submerge your voice, you submerge and lose your power.