The Pennsylvania Conference for Women recently shared pearls from Carla on the subject of leadership, success, and diversity in the workplace in their December newsletter. Read an excerpt below and head over to for more of Carla’s Pearls:

On Leading

“I’ve had a front-row seat to a lot of great, impactful leaders in my 29 years on Wall Street, and this is my curated definition of what it is to be a powerful leader, with each letter in ‘leader’ standing for something:

  • ‘L’ is for leverage. Impactful leaders leverage other people’s experience, relationships and intellect in order to get to the right answer and achieve their goals.
  • ‘E’ is for efficient. A powerful leader defines what success looks like, because when the team knows what they are playing for, then they will outperform.
  • ‘A’ is for authentic. It’s imperative that you be your true self. Only then will the people working with you be who they fully are, which will enable them to outperform.
  • ‘D’ is for decisive and diversity. For any kind of innovative idea, you got to have a lot of different people in the room.
  • ‘E’ is for engaged. To inspire and retain talented people, which is a leader’s job, you need to be highly engaged and transparent. And finally,
  • ‘R’ stands for risk-taker. You can’t further growth or achieve your agenda without taking risks.”