Carla discussed the new tech-talent accelerator program on CNBC earlier this year. Now, Forbes has all the details on the five companies to join this program, what it’s all about:

Kairos — Greek for “opportunity”— and four other startups (Landit, AptDeco, GitLinks and Trigger) run by women or multicultural founders, are moving into the ninth floor of Morgan Stanley’s Time Square headquarters in New York for three months. They are the first cohort of the firm’s “Innovation Lab,” a tech-talent accelerator program and brain-child of Carla Harris, a Vice Chairwoman of Morgan Stanley and Head of its Multicultural Client Strategy Group.


“Only a small fraction of all venture capital money is given to multicultural and women entrepreneurs,” explains Harris. “Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley is a leader at the intersection of what these companies need: capital, connections, and investment banking content. We have the resources, access to relationships, and the expertise that can help refine these businesses and hopefully attract capital to scale up in size.”