In a guest article for Linkage, Carla shares her thoughts on what a purposeful leader must do to motivate their team to deliver their best. Read the excerpt below and hit the link to for the full article:

As humans, we are very susceptible to learned behaviors, especially when these behaviors are repeated in front of us over and over again. Almost unconsciously, we start to exhibit the same behaviors. If those behaviors yield positive results or even positive feelings, we will naturally want to expend the energy to recreate these behaviors; in other words, we are inspired to do the same.

To inspire someone demands that you as a leader act with positive energy, even when the going gets tough. Your criticism must be honest but encouraging, and your reprimands must have a positive alternative attached. Your praises must be effusive and pervasive, covering as many people as possible for a job well done. Your disappointments must be couched as learnings, your challenges as strengthening exercises, and your failures as growth opportunities.