Carla’s Pearls made another appearance at an mPower women’s networking event last week in San Diego. Read an excerpt below and head over to for the full article:

Over time, performance currency has diminishing returns because people come to expect this level of performance from you. That’s when you need to move to relationship currency. If you don’t, and you rely on your work to speak for you, you will notice that “the work does not speak,” said Harris. Therefore, you must put your work in context via relationships. This takes a frequent but light touch with the businessperson with which you want to develop that relationship: asking them about their weekend, if you can bring them back coffee from your trip to the café, if they’d like to join a group of co-workers for lunch or drinks after work. “Your ability to ascend has to do with someone’s judgement of you,” said Harris. “Judgement is influenced by your relationship with that person. It’s more important to be known than liked.” Then, that person will speak on your behalf.