Carla joined host Sallie Krawcheck for the fifth episode of MAKERS money. Read a excerpt below and head over to ellevest for the full transcript and episode:

Sallie: Okay so if you could go back in time, and see yourself at 25, what are the three pieces of advice you’d give yourself?

Carla: First thing I would tell my 25-year-old self is, “Own your power.” We have a lot of power, and we do easily and unconsciously give it away. The second thing I would tell myself is, “Take risks and play it big.” If you’re going to bother to play at all, play it big. You know what “no” looks like, so why not play for “yes?”

Sallie: If I could go back to 25, I’d say, “Divorce that man.” … Where do you get your confidence from?

Carla: Well, I will say that my confidence has come through my experience. It’s also come through my faith, and it also comes through having really strong women around me as I grew up.

Sallie: What are you telling women in their 20s about how to position themselves for the next big opportunity?

Carla: Too often, we focus on the performance, because we think the performance is the objective thing. You can’t debate the performance. But we have to invest in the relationships — because as you know, as you get more senior, it’s not the performance that makes a difference. It’s whether or not somebody knows you well enough to speak up for you behind closed doors for that critical assignment, that big bonus, running a department.

Sallie: Even when you work in a big company.

Carla: Absolutely.