Forbes Magazine highlighted Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab in the article Morgan Stanley Is Answering The Question ‘Where Are The Women?’. Read an excerpt below and the full article over on

“I’m excited that we can bring this conversation to the forefront,” shares Carla Harris, vice president and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley, who heads the lab. ”We’ve had no problem finding entrepreneurs of color and no problem finding women.”

Her frustration on how many other doors are closed for women was palpable as we talked earlier this year at the company’s Senior Multicultural Leader Conference.

“This is a great commercial opportunity because for some reason the market must think that there’s some inordinate risk associated with investing in women or investing in multicultural entrepreneurs,” explains Harris. When, as she notes, the exact opposite is true.

“I will argue that to invest in a woman or a multicultural entrepreneur is an outstanding opportunity. By the time they get to your desk, they’ve been scrubbed down so much that they are probably the best of the best of the best,” says Harris. “And we’re getting a chance to drive that conversation.”