Carla at The Forbes “Banking On Your Business” Virtual Event

Carla at The Forbes “Banking On Your Business” Virtual Event

Helping small business owners master the financial resources available to them was the subject of the “Banking On Your Business” virtual event. Joining a panel with Mandela SH Dixon of Founder Gym and Melissa L. Bradley of Ureeka, Carla spoke to business...

Carla on Expanding Diversity on Wall Street

Carla appeared on Bloomberg to discuss how the coronovirus pandemic and working from home has shed a new light on efforts to expand diversity on Wall Street and in the financial industry. Watch the full clip here:  

Carla on The Wealth Gap – Why Inequality Matters

Watch Carla: Carla kicks off the discussion for “The Wealth Gap” – a part of Barron’s Annual Conference. Introducing the framework for discussing the wealth gap, Carla speaks pointedly about inequality, and why it matters for the economy, for...

Carla Speaks at LinkedIn’s TransformHER

TransformHER is an event designed for professional women of color in technology and their allies to build community, sharing ideas and resources to support the advancement of their careers. Carla’s segment begins at the 1:02:10 mark.