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  • Good day,please i need a sponsor for the publishing and marketing of my books

  • "Women Really Mean Business" interviews Carla for podcast episode 057. Listen to the full episode here:

  • Long post Alert.....Today I attended the #txconfwomen. I got to hear from a Phenomenal Woman the ultimate #blackgirlmagic @carlaannharris. She dropped Carla Pearls on us. I took several lessons home with me but two I applied immediately; She taught us to be willing to take a risk because fear has no place in your success equation and to Go For It All The TIME. So, nervous as hell I approach her and tell her that in the spirit of applying what she just taught me I wanted to gift her my book. A book that advocates against bullying by encouraging self love. She says she couldn’t wait to read it to her four year old grand daughter. We then posed with both of our books. Two black women, published authors just out here trying to inspire others through our actions!!!!! What..... pinch me y’all. THE Carla Harris! Yesssssss .

  • Know the market value of your seat. #CarlasPearls

  • Carla on Yahoo Finance: the trillion dollar funding gap facing businesses owned by women and people of color

  • Awesome! Carla Harris singing "Purple Rain."

  • Wow! What an incredibly talented, inspiring human ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carla Harris I truly enjoyed your presentation and "8 Pearls" at the ACCE19 conference. Thank you for your willingness to share your wisdom and leadership so candidly with us.🥰

  • Esta muito linda nesta foto do teu pefil

  • "There is not a supply issue" Carla appeared on CNBC's The Exchange yesterday to talk about "The Trillion Dollar Blindspot"

  • Carla dropped by “Squawk Box” to talk about the 4th year of Morgan Stanley’s Senior Multicultural Leaders Conference. Watch the clip here:

  • Hey Carla this is Barbara I hope all is well I been kinda following you a bit and watching CNN I think that you are doing a moralist job.

  • I enjoyed you so much at the Leadcast!

  • Hello I just heard you in hagerstown md. On leadercast live.i loved it.😇😍

  • Just saw you on Leadercast. Thank you for inspiring me to want to be a leader.

  • Just listened to your speech on leader cast from Albany Ga AWESOME!!!!

  • May God bless you as you blessed me during the Leadercast today. Awesome Woman of God & Leadership. Bless you.

  • Amazing at Leadercast!!! How do we get you on the schedule to speak at our organization?

  • Carla stopped by Bloomberg this morning to talk about Morgan Stanley's Multicultural Innovation Lab. Watch the full clip here:

  • Gen Z = “Z”ers. I like it! ‘Just saw you on Bloomberg!

  • Hello Carla, If you are in Atlanta soon, please reach out. I am Co-chair of the Women’s International Networking (WIN). We enjoyed watching your Ted Talk. You are inspiring.

  • #CarlasPearls at Fast Company: #StrategizeToWin with performance and relationship currency

  • #CarlasPearls on NBCDFW yesterday with Laura A. Harris. Watch the full clip:

  • Amazing woman for all generation. Thank you so much for "How to Succeed".

  • Good day, are you the Business Executive speaker? I would like you to be my mentor?

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