Carla on Expanding Diversity on Wall Street

Carla appeared on Bloomberg to discuss how the coronovirus pandemic and working from home has shed a new light on efforts to expand diversity on Wall Street and in the financial industry. Watch the full clip here:  

Carla on Access and Opportunity Podcast

In this final episode of season 1 of “Access and Opportunity” podcast, Carla Harris and Dr. Freada Kapor Klein debunk the myth that Silicon Valley is a place of inclusion. They dive straight into the argument against excuses for lack of diversity in the...

Morgan Stanley’s Innovation Lab Welcomes Five Startups

Carla discussed the new tech-talent accelerator program on CNBC earlier this year. Now, Forbes has all the details on the five companies to join this program, what it’s all about: Kairos — Greek for “opportunity”— and four other startups (Landit, AptDeco,...

Accelerating Investing in Diversity – Carla on CNBC

Carla stops by CNBC to talk about the Morgan Stanley Multi-Cultural Innovation Lab and why investing in multi-cultural entrepreneurs is a largely untapped opportunity for VCs. Watch the clip below:

Carla on Diversity and Competitivenes

Carla appeared on CNBC on June 16th to discuss the connection between the competitiveness of a business and the diversity of their workforce. Watch the clip here:

The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

In the last few weeks, I have been asked by professionals at several different corporations, “Carla when people ask you to make the case for diversity and inclusion, what do you say”? It is interesting to me that here we are almost 25 years since corporations have...

David L. Cohen interviews Carla Harris

As part of an ongoing conversation for Media Insider’s “Diversity & Inclusion” Carla Harris, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, and a member of the Comcast and NBCUniversal Joint Diversity Council, sat down with David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President of...